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Superior Die Set & Mold Base
Dayton Springs & Retainers
Timken Latrobe (Koncor)
Kicker Spring Pins
Metal Working Oil
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Die Clinic - Tooling Help
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Hello and Welcome! We have a huge selection of tool and die supplies for toolmakers. We also have valuable online information and calculators to help make your job easier.
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At our home page you can use our Description Search and our Part Number Search to find what you need. You can also browse our online catalogs.
Description Search
Use our Description Search to find the what you need. It helps you find a product by its descriptive keywords. When you type more than one keyword, only products that have all the keywords will be displayed.
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Use our Part Number Search to find a products by its part number. You can enter a manufacturer (OEM) part number or a generic part number. You don't have to enter the entire part number. Just enter the first few numbers or letters. And don't worry if you forget to add a dash "-" or a space. Our search engine works even if you don't enter a perfect part number.
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Our Advanced Search page lets you refine your Description Search and your Part Number Search to make it even easier to find what you need.
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